Haima's new model EX00 is specifically designed for taxi and ride-hailing services.

Many Chinese companies have attempted to enter this particular market, but the most successful model has been the BYD D1.

Other brands like XPeng and FAW Bestune have also taken steps in this direction, but have met with mixed success.

Haima has created the EX00 in collaboration with Zixing Box, giving it a unique design.

The EX00 looks like a van and there could potentially be a van version as well.

Haima has completed the main development phase and the EX00 will enter mass production in the fourth quarter of this year.

Currently EX00 is undergoing several technical tests like crash test, NVH, thermal management etc.

The EX00 has a LEVC TX-like design inside, with a 1+1+3 seating arrangement and dedicated storage space for passengers' luggage.

It has a 120 kW water-cooled permanent magnet motor and a range (CLTC) of 480 kilometers with a 62 kWh battery.

Haima is struggling with financial problems, but last year the company sold 27,957 cars, a growth of 14.6%. A unique vehicle like the EX00 could be a game changer for the company.