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Volvo Trucks receives order for 100 electric trucks from DFDS

Volvo Trucks, a major player in the commercial vehicle industry, has received an order for 100 electric trucks from logistics giant DFDS. This latest order now increases the number of DFDS’s Volvo electric trucks to a total of 225 units, making it the most sought after heavy duty electric trucks in Europe.

DFDS, one of Northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics companies, is responding to the growing demand for environmentally friendly transportation solutions. The company has now ordered 100 electric trucks from Volvo, adding to the 125 heavy electric trucks purchased earlier.

Currently, Volvo operates 95 electric trucks in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Belgium and the Netherlands, with the remaining 30 trucks to be delivered during 2024. Through its expanded electric truck fleet, DFDS has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 1,516 tonnes. Which this shortage is for the end of 2023, isn’t it?

Volvo Trucks receives order for 100 electric trucks from DFDS

Roger Elam, President of Volvo Trucks, said: “I am proud to continue our strong partnership with DFDS. This additional order of 100 Volvo Electric trucks is a testament to their confidence in our company. And this addition to DFDS’s electric truck fleet shows that zero-emission transportation is not only possible but also a practical solution.

The new electric trucks will be deployed in various European markets including the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. These trucks also include updated and more energy-efficient models like the Volvo FH Electric and FM Electric.

DFDS currently boasts the largest fleet of heavy-duty electric trucks in Europe and is rapidly progressing towards its target of electrifying at least 25% of its truck fleet by 2030.

“Our aim is to further advance sustainable road transport,” said Nicholas Anderson, EVP of the Logistics Division at DFDS. Our growing fleet of electric trucks not only reduces our operational climate impact but also enables DFDS to support more companies in decarbonizing their supply chains. And the order for 100 new electric trucks confirms our commitment to pursuing sustainable growth.

Volvo Trucks receives order for 100 electric trucks from DFDS

Some of the new electric trucks will be used to transport goods to Volvo Trucks’ assembly plant in Gothenburg.

Since 2019, Volvo Trucks has sold electric trucks to customers in 45 countries across six continents. Volvo currently offers the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of eight electric models, meeting a wide range of urban and inter-city transportation needs.

The collaboration between Volvo Trucks and DFDS marks an important step towards achieving sustainable and efficient transport solutions in Europe’s logistics sector.



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