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Rivian unveils new charger design capable of charging other EVs

Rivian has revealed a new charger design that is capable of charging other EVs. And this new Rivian charger is capable of working with both 400 and 800-volt electric vehicles and also features a CCS connector, although it lacks native NACS support.

The company has announced that DC fast chargers, which are currently exclusive to Rivian vehicles, will also be available to charge other EVs through its Adventure network later this year. Rivian has showcased a new EV charger design that is tailored not only for Rivian but also for charging other EVs, provided they have at least a CCS port.

Rivian is moving away from CCS and plans to adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) in all of its new vehicles by 2025, eventually adding native NACS support to its chargers, possibly becoming the first NACS-equipped around the same time. Revolution vehicle is expected to be launched.

Initially, these new chargers will only have CCS connectors, and the only way to charge NACS-enabled EVs will be through a Revolution-approved CCS to NACS adapter. The new charger also features a sleek, minimalist design with a larger display than previous Revolution Adventure Network chargers, as well as a tap-to-pay terminal to enhance usability. And they will be able to work with both 400 and 800-volt EVs as well as be placed in locations where new chargers will be installed, allowing stall trailer-compatible locations.

There is currently no information about the maximum charging power of these new chargers. But Rivian plans to build new charging stations at new locations as well as upgrade existing locations with new chargers. The Revolution Adventure network had 67 locations, with approximately 400 DC fast chargers installed in February 2024. And Revolution also aims to increase this number to 600 locations with a total of 3,500 charging stalls.

Similar to Tesla, which has opened its Supercharger network to other EVs to benefit from national and federal charging network subsidies, Rivian is also eligible for these incentive programs. Expanding its charging network is not a major concern for Rivian, as it is among the brands that have gained access to the Tesla Supercharger network and will now launch its R2 models in the first half of 2026, according to the planned roadmap. There is a complete plan to launch it in the market.



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