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Mercedes-Benz Trucks succeeds in 1,000kW electric charging test

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has succeeded in charging an e-truck at 1,000 kW during internal testing in Werth am Rhine, marking a significant milestone in electric vehicle (EV) charging technology. This is one of the fastest charging tests ever conducted and the achievement marks the use of the Megawatt Charging System (MCS), a cutting-edge charging standard that is expected to revolutionize the heavy-duty EV sector.

Hailed by industry experts as a game-changer for electric trucks, this MCS has now entered the implementation phase after going through rigorous standardization processes. As the developers at Mercedes-Benz Trucks have been at the forefront of this advancement, they have demonstrated engineering prowess by integrating a newly defined MCS standard into e-trucks with full charging capability in record time.

Rainer Müller-Finkelde, Head of Product Engineering at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, expressed pride in the engineering achievement of the Churchin’s fastest charging speed to date and emphasized that it met future customers’ greater demands on range and vehicle availability. Will go. MW charging at 1,000 kW would be particularly beneficial.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks succeeds in 1,000kW electric charging test

Peter Ziegler, Head of e-Charging Components at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, echoed this sentiment, and highlighted the importance of enabling customers to charge the eActros 600 at the full 1,000 kW for shorter charging times and extended range, which The company is now focused. , refining the MCS technology to series production, with plans to launch the eActros 600 by the end of 2024.

The eActros 600 electric truck has a battery capacity of more than 600 kilowatt-hours and includes a new efficient electric drive axle, enabling it to achieve a range of 500 kilometers without intermediate charging. This capability makes the e-Truck a viable option for long-distance travel across Europe, and this is especially so given that approximately 60 percent of Mercedes-Benz trucks in Europe are involved in long-distance travel among customers. Are. It has been less than 500 kilometers.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks succeeds in 1,000kW electric charging test

As demand for electric trucks continues to grow and public charging infrastructure expands, expanding megawatt charging capabilities becomes especially important. Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ recent successful 1,000-kilowatt charging trial paves the way to increase EV adoption and sustainability in the heavy-duty transportation sector while being environmentally friendly.

Source: Daimler Truck



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