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Hitachi Energy Invests $1.5 Billion to Boost Transformer Production for Grid Transmission

Hitachi Energy has announced plans to invest more than $1.5 billion to expand its transformer production to support electrification efforts worldwide. Transformers play an important role in enabling efficient transmission and distribution of electricity. They are critical to electrifying renewable energy grid interconnections, transportation, and decarbonizing energy systems.

The latest investment by Hitachi Energy is part of its gradual global expansion plan through 2027, previously announced in October 2023, with an additional $3 billion investment for transformer manufacturing. And the company is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for transformers powered by renewable energy and industrial electrification.

Steve McKinney, Senior Vice President and Head of Transformers Business, Hitachi Energy in North America, highlighted the importance of these investments in strengthening the company’s manufacturing presence and enhancing its ability to meet the needs of diverse customers in the energy sector and that this is an important investments are

Hitachi Energy Invests $1.5 Billion to Boost Transformer Production for Grid Transmission

According to the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, global demand for distribution transformers alone is projected to grow 160–260% by 2050. Hitachi Energy’s investment aims to address this growing demand, accelerate market growth and support long-term sustainability initiatives while creating more than 4,000 new jobs globally.

Additionally, Hitachi Energy‘s expansion projects include a new state-of-the-art transformer factory in Vaasa, Finland, with an investment of approximately $180 million. The facility, scheduled to begin operations in 2027, demonstrates Hitachi Energy’s commitment to innovation, quality and environmental protection.

These investments complement Hitachi Energy’s broader growth efforts, including a recent expansion of more than $30 million. And the company is leveraging its global presence, technical expertise and digitalization initiatives to provide more flexible and reliable energy solutions, contributing to a carbon-neutral future.

Bruno Melles, Managing Director of Transformers Business at Hitachi Energy, emphasized the company’s focus on operational excellence, innovative manufacturing technologies and stringent standards for safety and quality. Hitachi Energy aims to become carbon-neutral by 2030, driving positive economic and social impact in local communities while creating employment opportunities around the world.

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Finally, Hitachi Energy’s substantial investment in transformer production reflects a strategic commitment to advance sustainable energy solutions, support global electrification efforts, and advance socio-economic development.

Source: Hitachi EnergyElectrek via chargedevs



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