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DHL Freight launches fully electric tractor-trailer with Mercedes-Benz trucks

DHL Freight has taken an important step towards electric vehicles by introducing its first fully electric tractor-trailer in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Immediately, 300 eActros vehicles are being used for delivery and distribution transport at the Koblenz and Hagen sites.

The deployment of these trucks, deployed between the DHL branches in Hagen and the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kassel, is increasing transportation efficiency, especially for the Demurer truck segment. Additionally, eActros 300 trucks are offering customers carbon-neutral deliveries in the Koblenz area. These heavy-duty battery electric tractor-trailers, with a maximum weight capacity of over 19 metric tons, are an important milestone for DHL Freight in Germany.

In line with the Group’s sustainability strategy, the plan aims to increase the share of electric vehicles in the delivery fleet to 60% and the share of sustainable fuels within the DHL Group to more than 30%.

Each eActros 300 tractor-trailer is equipped with two electric engines with a capacity of up to 400 kW. But this trucks range is about 220 kilometers, and depending on the charging infrastructure, the battery can be recharged from 20% to 80% in about an hour and fifteen minutes, with a charging capacity of up to 160 kilowatts.

Dr. Thomas Vogel, CEO of DACH, UK and IE DHL Freight, expressed satisfaction at the partnership with Mercedes-Benz Trucks, saying that both partners are taking another step towards achieving their sustainability goals.

DHL Freight launches fully electric tractor-trailer with Mercedes-Benz trucks

These fully electric eActros 300 tractor-trailers are specifically designed for regional delivery transportation and are capable of performing a wide range of conventional trucking operations. We are delighted that the eActros 300 is now helping us make local road freight transport carbon-neutral. But site delivery operations, said Oliver Berger, inbound logistics network strategy and sustainability manager at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

As part of its commitment towards sustainable road freight transport, DHL Freight continues to test and implement various technological solutions. For example, as well as fully electric tractor-trailers, DHL Freight has recently started operating hydrogen trucks in cooperation with commercial vehicle manufacturer Paul Natzfahrzeug GmbH (PNH). Its aim is not only to identify the right engine mix, but also to help effectively drive change for greater sustainability in the industry.

By launching a fully electric tractor-trailer in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Trucks, DHL Freight is making significant progress towards carbon-neutral road freight transport. The move is part of a broader global effort towards sustainable logistics solutions and clean energy in transportation.

Sources: greencarcongress, dhl, via electriccarsreport



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