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Arc Boat Company launches revolutionary electric wake sport model for environmentally conscious enthusiasts

Arc Boat Company has unveiled its latest innovation in the electric boating industry, the Arc Sport Boat, designed specifically for wake sports lovers. Starting at just $258,000, this 23-foot battery-electric boat combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to environmental sustainability, marking an important milestone in the evolution of water-based recreational activities.

Founded in 2021 by Ryan Cook and Mitch Lee, Arc Boat Company has quickly taken hold of the market, attracting a total investment of $110 million from prominent figures such as NBA stars Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. The company’s vision is not just about building luxurious ships, but also about redefining the yachting experience while reducing environmental impact.

The Arc Sport, the company’s second fully electric model in just three years, is set to revolutionize the wake sports segment. Brahming a spacious design with a capacity to accommodate up to 15 people, the Arc Sport offers a seamless blend of performance and sustainability. Its large battery ensures four to six hours of runtime on a single charge, while also being capable of reaching a top speed of 40 mph, which is comparable to high-end models from established boat manufacturers like Nautique, Mastercraft, and Malibu. Is capable of giving competition to.

What sets Arc Sport apart is its eco-friendly features and boats running on conventional fuel contribute significantly to environmental degradation through noise pollution, smog and water pollution. And the electric propulsion technology from Arc Boat Company not only eliminates these problems, but also provides a quieter and cleaner sailing experience, enhancing the enjoyment while preserving the natural beauty of the waterways.

Arc Boat Company launches revolutionary electric wake sport model for environmentally conscious enthusiasts

Arc Boat Company CEO Mitch Lee drew inspiration from his own experiences as a water sports enthusiast, recognizing the environmental challenges associated with traditional boating activities. Together with former SpaceX engineer and Arc CTO Ryan Cook, they Leveraged their expertise to create a sustainable solution without compromising performance or luxury.

The company’s strategic approach, leveraging established supply chains from the automotive industry, is enabling the rapid development and production of their electric boats. And by leveraging components from trusted suppliers, Arc was able to bring their vision to life in less than three years, a feat that often takes traditional boat builders a decade.

With early-stage funding from celebrity investors and venture capital firms, Arc Boat Company is poised for success as it prepares to deliver the Arc Sport to customers later this year. The launch marks a significant moment in the marine industry, signaling a shift towards environmentally conscious sailing without sacrificing the thrill and luxury of enthusiasts.

As Arc Boat Company continues to innovate and expand its lineup of electric boats, the future of water sports is looking brighter, greener and more exciting than ever.



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